Your marketing in 2024 is safe on a printing press
Many of your potential customers still enjoy the feel of a magazine, brochure, leaflet or flyer. While your business’s online presence is important, printed content still has a key role to play in your marketing. Here are just some of the reasons: 

Complementing digital marketing 

Imagine your digital marketing is like driving along a straight road. There are familiar signposts and road markings that you know and understand. You could drive quite a long way without getting lost but don’t really pay much attention to what you see. Compare this experience with walking through a forest with a few way markers and a lot of new sights and sounds. You might even share the walk with some friends. You’ll be more engaged and remember much more of the experience. 
The same can be said of the well designed and eye-catching printed material delivered through your letterbox. It’s a different and more memorable experience compared to digital content on your laptop, smartphone or tablet devices. 
By maintaining your branding, messages, offers and calls to action across all your channels you’ll attract and keep people’s attention. 

Building credibility 

In a fast-paced and busy digital world each piece of content has to fight hard for attention. The ‘eight second’ attention span is widely discredited but you don’t have long to convince your audience that digital content is credible. What’s more, we all like novelty, so repeating the same digital advertisements might mean people are less likely to respond. 
Regularly sharing high quality tailored printed content helps build trust and confidence. This is reinforced because your audience probably reads your content during a break at home or work where they feel comfortable. You’re more likely to catch and keep people’s attention. 

Added value 

While some businesses might focus all their marketing budget on digital content you can attract attention with high quality print. You’ll have more opportunities to stand out and less competition. 
Placing relevant printed content directly into your customers’ hands shows you have devoted time and effort to meet their needs. You’ll also have more space to share useful and interesting information. Surprising your potential customers with different types of printed marketing content keeps them interested in what you have to say. 

Return on investment 

With the cost of doing business increasing all the time, setting and keeping to a budget is important. Whatever you include in your marketing plan, you’ll want to achieve a good return on your investment
You might be surprised by the different ways you can measure the effectiveness of your printed marketing campaigns. Digital campaigns are popular with marketers because of the number of measurements they can capture. However, it’s sometimes difficult to attribute actual sales to your digital marketing activities. Some of the measurement techniques you can adopt for your print marketing also work well for your digital campaigns. For example, consider using unique contact details and campaign codes or dedicated website pages. 
Clever marketing makes the best use of all the available channels. Talk to our helpful team today to find out how to include print marketing in your plans for 2024. 
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