You don't have to be a graphic designer - we can do it for you.  We have a team of fully qualified graphic designers who will create stunning designs to enhance your campaign. 


  General Rules: 

Allow minimum 3.175mm on all sides for bleed ads; Reverse type or 4/C Black text smaller than 10pt and any solid type smaller than 6pt cannot be guaranteed for perfect registration or readability; white colour objects cannot be set to overprint. 


All marks (trim, bleed) should be included on full page adverts only (if going to the endge of the page). All type must be located at least 6.35 mmm from trim and should not to invade the live or bleed areas. 

How much does it cost to advertise? 

To receive our Rate Card and discover what FREE additional extras are available, call us on 01908 465488 or complete the form below. 

Let us help you reach your target audience 

Call a member of the team on 01908 465488 or complete the form: 
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