Welcome to Pulse Group Media  Pulse Group Media is the leading publisher in Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, offering both B2B and B2C magazines, alongside hosting the region's largest B2B exhibitions and networking events. With a focus on helping local businesses increase brand awareness and drive growth, Pulse Group Media uniquely connect clients to expanded business opportunities across the region.  

Discover Local, Stay Informed 

At the heart of local journalism in Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, Pulse Group Media is dedicated to connecting communities through our diverse range of publications and dynamic events. Our mission is to inform, engage and inspire, serving as the leading voice in local news and community happenings. 

Your Local Media Hub 

Whether you're looking for the best local eateries, upcoming events, or in-depth interviews with local figures, our magazines and newspapers are your go-to source for staying connected with your community online and in print. Designed with our readers in mind, each issue is crafted to inform, entertain and inspire. 
MK Pulse Magazine 
Your Local Lifestyle Guide For Milton Keynes 
Explore the essence of Milton Keynes through MK Pulse Magazine, your essential guide for all things local. Brimming with recent community updates, events, lifestyle articles, and interviews, MK Pulse serves as your thorough directory for the region. Addressing a diverse range of interests, including the arts and dining, to regional news, our print edition delivers detailed insights, whereas our digital edition offers immediate updates and extra features. 
For further information on the print edition click here. To access our digital version, go to www.mkpulse.co.uk 
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NN Pulse Magazine 
Your Local Lifestyle Guide For Northamptonshire 
Explore the core of Northamptonshire through NN Pulse Magazine, your indispensable resource for all local matters. Filled with current community updates, events, lifestyle articles, and interviews, NN Pulse stands as the all-encompassing guide for the area's inhabitants. Serving various interests, ranging from the arts and dining to regional news, our printed magazine delivers thorough insights, whereas our digital edition presents immediate updates and extra features. 
For further information on the print edition click here. To access our digital version, go to www.nnpulse.co.uk 
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Business MK 
Milton Keynes' leading Business Magazine 
Advertising in or subscribing to Business MK offers unparalleled access to the heart of Milton Keynes, North Bucks and Bedfordshire's thriving business community. As a premier source of insightful news, analysis, and features on local enterprises and economic trends, Business MK connects you with the region's movers and shakers. For advertisers, this means your brand is placed directly in front of key decision-makers and influencers, enhancing your visibility and credibility within an engaged and affluent audience. Subscribers gain a competitive edge through comprehensive coverage of the latest business developments, innovative strategies and market insights, making Business MK an indispensable resource for staying informed and ahead in the dynamic business environment. Whether you're looking to expand your reach or deepen your understanding of the local business landscape, Business MK is a catalyst for opportunity and advancement in a vibrant economic landscape. 
For more about the printed magazine click here and to explore our online version, visit www.businessmk.co.uk 
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Business Times 
Northamptonshire's leading business magazine 
Connecting with Business Times isn't just about getting the latest news and opinions from Northamptonshire's bustling business world; it's about joining a community that truly gets behind the businesses and the people driving them forward. As a trusted source of insight, we take you beyond the headlines, offering a closer look at the entrepreneurs and leaders making a difference in our region. Advertising with us puts your brand in the spotlight, not just in front of decision-makers but within a narrative that values human stories and achievements. For our subscribers, it means receiving not just information but inspiration, with in-depth analysis and stories that delve into what makes our local business environment tick. Choosing Business Times is about more than staying informed; it's about becoming part of a conversation that champions progress, innovation, and the real stories of success. Business Times is where you’ll find a community committed to celebrating and advancing our collective economic journey. 
For more about the printed magazine click here and to explore our digital edition, visit www.business-times.co.uk 
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Connecting Businesses, Building Networks 

Beyond our print media, Pulse Group Media is at the forefront of fostering business connections. Your Business Expo is the cornerstone for local enterprises across Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, offering unparalleled networking opportunities and a platform for growth and collaboration. 
Your Business Expo: Where Local Business Thrives 
Join us at Your Business Expo, Pulse Group Media's premier business event, showcasing the best local businesses that make up our vibrant business community. Our annual expos are a hub of opportunity, connecting local businesses, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Attendees can look forward to networking, learning from insightful seminars and discovering new products and services. Whether you're a startup, a growing enterprise, or an established player, Your Business Expo are events to inspire, connect and empower your business journey. 
For dates and locations of our upcoming expos visit www.yourbusinessexpo.co.uk 

 We drive business opportunities through tailored local content, dynamic business events and a multifaceted media presence that resonates with the heartbeat of Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire communities.    


Extensive Local Reach and Engagement  
Gain unparalleled local reach across Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire connecting your business directly with a broad, relevant audience through Pulse Group Media's extensive network. 


Diverse Media and Marketing Opportunities 
Benefit from multifaceted media and marketing opportunities across print, digital and events, enhancing your brand's presence and appeal through diverse advertising channels. 


Expertise in Local Market Dynamics  
Leverage Pulse Group Media's deep understanding of local market dynamics, gaining valuable insights into community trends, consumer behavior, and business opportunities for targeted strategies. 

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“We have advertised in Pulse Magazine since its first issue. In addition to doing a great job of raising our business profile across Northamptonshire, our regular half page advert continues to generate good quality leads every month. We are delighted at the response and have no hesitation in recommending this excellent magazine to other businesses looking to build and develop their customer base across the county in a cost effective way.” 
Debby Clayton - Managing Director 
Your whole team's hard work and attention to detail did not go unnoticed by my colleague and I , and we want to extend our gratitude for the effort put into making the Bedford Expo a well-coordinated and enjoyable experience for both exhibitors and visitors. We genuinely enjoyed being a part of the day and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate. 
Once again, thank you for your dedication to creating a platform for businesses to connect and thrive. 
Lorraine Macdonald - Horizon HR 

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