Magazines remain an effective advertising choice
We believe print marketing remains a great way to promote your business, even in a busy digital world. 
We have all become very selective about the digital content we read and have mastered the art of rapid scanning. When we’re scrolling and tapping our way through digital content we are looking for points of interest. Often we’ll skip through most of it. 
We read and understand printed material in a different way and we’re more likely to remember it. From a marketing perspective that’s a really good place to start. 
Here are seven other good reasons to use print for your marketing. 
1. Tangibility 
People can hold and interact with tangible printed items. This creates a stronger connection with your brand which can lead to increased brand recall. 
2. Specificity 
Unlike digital content, which is everywhere all the time, you will know where and when your printed content is delivered. You can target specific demographics by selecting publications or addresses that are most likely to reach your audience. Your messages are more likely to reach the right people. 
3. Accessibility 
Print advertising can help your business stand out from the competition. Your message has a good chance of being read at a time when your target audience is interested and receptive. It’s accessible to digital natives and technophobes alike. You can set very specific budgets and measurements that will tell you about the return on investment you achieve. 
5. Credibility 
Readers still find printed advertising more authentic and credible than digital content. Overall printed media is seen as legitimate and trustworthy and advertisers benefit from being associated with popular publications. Statistics show that over 80% of customers trust print advertisements when making a buying decision. In contrast, there’s a growing recognition that trust in digital marketing is in decline
6. Durability 
Social media is ‘in the moment’ and marketing content quickly disappears. If your target customers don’t respond immediately they are unlikely to search for your content later. Even if they do, they are unlikely to find it. Printed marketing material, on the other hand, is often kept for future reference and shared. An immediate response is less critical when your customers have your information to hand when they need you. 
7. Shareability 
Choosing the right publications for your print advertising will mean your readers are already interested in the content they receive. Whether you are targeting people with specific interests or by location, you can build brand awareness and increase recognition with a wider audience. Anyone who browses through your chosen publication will see your advertisements. 

Advertise in a trusted local magazine 

Local people in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes like and trust Pulse magazine. They’re interested in discovering what's going on in their local area. With more people working from home, you can reach your audience at the right time and in the right place. Each edition is kept and referred to time and time again, so your adverts have every chance to be seen more than once. 

Speak with our friendly team to find out how to make advertising in Pulse magazine part of your marketing plans. 

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