Q: Does print advertising still work? 

A: Yes. People still enjoy reading magazines and there is evidence that they are more likely to remember what they see in print, compared with digital media. You also have the added bonus that every copy of a magazine is likely to be read by several people before the next edition appears. 
Q: How do I choose the right magazine for my advertising? 
A: All good magazines should be able to tell you who and where their readers are. You can ask for circulation information to help you decide if the people you want to reach are reading that publication. It’s also a good idea to ask about the publications’ editorial policy to confirm that they carry the sort of material that will be attractive to your audience. You can also find information about registered publications on the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) website. 
Q: How often should I repeat my advertisements? 
A: Don’t be disappointed if a single advertisement doesn’t generate the result you would like. Repeating your advertisement will improve your results. 
Although there isn’t a single rule for advertising that can answer this question you will improve your response rate and the return on your investment by publishing your advertisement several times. It will also give you the opportunity to make small changes to improve your results and to understand whether there are any seasonal differences in your responses. Thomas Smith wrote a book called ‘Successful Advertising’ – he says that it takes 20 views before someone makes the decision to buy. He was writing in 1885. 
Q: Can I ask for a specific position in the magazine? 
A: Generally, publications can’t guarantee a specific position for your advertisement unless it’s offered in their media pack, like the back cover, for example. Some publications will guarantee positions like the centre pages or an early right-hand page for an additional charge at the time of booking. If you are a regular advertiser – in every edition, for example – you might be able to agree that your advertisement always appears on the same page. 
Q: Do advertisements without photographs work? 
A: There’s a lot of competition for attention, so anything you can do to make your advertisement more attractive is worthwhile. A well-chosen image is certainly a good idea. 
Q: How should I use colour in my advertisements? 
A: While it takes more time and care to create an advertisement with a carefully chosen palette of colours and stunning images, there’s no doubt that colour can attract attention and tap into people’s emotions. On the other hand, there’s some evidence that black and white images in an advertisement help people to focus on a product’s primary features. 
Q: What about the design of my advertisement? 
A: You have a number of options for the design of your advertisement, but always check the specifications with the publication in advance. You can use templates provided by online services like Canva, for example. You can work with a design company. At Pulse magazine we offer a graphic design service so you can work with one of our talented designers to create your advertisement. 
If you have any questions about magazine advertising for your small business, please get in touch. 
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