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Business owners like to know what they’re getting for their marketing investment which is why many marketers like digital advertising. They can collect data with goal tracking in Google Analytics, click-through rates (CTR), and social media engagements
However, there are plenty of tools you can use to keep track of the results of your printed marketing too. Here are just a few. 
Verification – when your marketing has generated enough interest for someone to call, text, email or visit your offices or store, it’s the perfect time to ask: ‘how did you hear about us?’ It’s a good way to start a conversation too. 
The simplest way to capture the information in person is to create an easy checklist of your marketing activity from social media posts to leaflets delivered directly through the door. Leave room to record what caught their attention too and you’ll have useful feedback to improve your marketing in the future. You could also add a pop-up question on your website to say: ‘Thank you for visiting – what brings you here?’ and include some simple tick boxes. 
Dedicated contacts – when you run any type of campaign a good way to test its effectiveness is with a unique landing page on your website, a special telephone number, or a contact name that relates only to that activity. Anyone who uses them will be responding to that specific marketing campaign. 
Keep your landing page address short and easy to remember like www…./christmas-offer and use analytics to keep track of responses. If you’re using a special phone number or name for your campaign make sure your team knows all about it in advance and can collect helpful information. 
Easy responsesquick response (QR) codes work well in printed marketing as well as online and even in videos. There are plenty of easy online tools to create QR codes which can be added to your printed advertising campaign to take your customers directly to a dedicated landing page or enquiry form. 
Special offers – you can test the effectiveness of your marketing activities with different offers. Uptake will tell you which approach works best for you. Even when you’re running a seasonal sale you can offer extra discounts for specific products via different marketing activities to see which is most frequently claimed. 
Printed marketing materials are ideal for this approach because you can simply ask customers to bring a coupon or voucher to your store or to use a printed code if they are ordering online. You can hand them out at exhibitions or include them in letters or invoices sent to existing customers. 
Repeat sales – discounts and special offers for a first purchase are a very effective way to attract new customers. You can then keep track of how many further purchases they make with a loyalty card or in your customer relationship management system if they’re buying online. 
If you see an increase in enquiries but not additional sales following a campaign then your marketing is probably successful but something about your website or in the way calls and visits to your store are handled isn’t helping customers to make their purchase. 
Contact us if you are planning a marketing campaign for 2023 and we’ll be happy to give you some advice about how to measure the success of your advertisements in Pulse magazine or flyers delivered directly to your customers’ doors. 
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