Flyers are a cost-effective way to promote your business
Flyers have always been a popular marketing tool to promote products and services. A Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report says that nine out of 10 people remember receiving a leaflet through their door and 45% keep them. What’s more, people are very likely to take some action online after receiving a leaflet. 

What is a flyer? 

Door drop flyers are printed single or folded sheets delivered to your door. They aren’t usually addressed. They might also be sent to the ‘householder’ or a named person at a specific address as direct mail. 
The earliest known examples of flyers were in Renaissance Italy when rich merchants distributed important information as handwritten newsletters which would be passed from person to person. Once printing was available their use spread for a wide range of communications and campaigns. 

Do flyers work? 

Flyers remain a good way to reach your target audience. They provide a fast and effective way to make people aware of your business, your products and services. They are also a cost-effective option and can be created in a wide range of styles and shapes to meet your needs. 
Large and small businesses, individuals, non-profit organisations and political parties all use flyers for marketing. One of the things that makes them attractive is that they allow you to target specific demographics. With a creative approach and a strong message there’s a good chance they will be noticed and, when they are well written, they are easy to read. 

Seven reasons to use flyers 

1. Affordability – you can create thousands of flyers very cost-effectively and with a reliable distribution method you can reach your ideal customers quickly and reliably. 
2. Speed – in just a matter of days – or sometimes even hours – you can create a flyer that explains a new offer or important news for the people who need to know. 
3. Location-specific – if you’re a local business or opening a store nearby a well-designed flyer is the perfect way to let people know where you are and what you do. There’s a good chance they will keep it on a pin-board or in a draw so they can contact you when they need to. 
4. Timely – if there’s an important local event you can use flyers to let people know, even at short notice. Leave extra copies in local stores, restaurants and public spaces to add to your impact. 
5. Double up with digital – printed flyers and advertisements can work alongside your digital marketing to reinforce your message and remind your audience. 
6. Easy measurements – you can include quick response (QR) codes on your flyers linked to a specific landing page on your website to see how much traffic is generated. Alternatively, include a dedicated promotional code or voucher that people can use to receive their discount and you’ll know exactly how many sales your flyer campaign has generated. You can also track your phone calls, website and social media channels when you know your flyers have been delivered to monitor increased activity. 
7. Build your brand – you are placing your business name, logo, products and services directly in to people’s hands. That’s certain to have more impact than a fleeting social media post or an email. 

Did you know? 

Your flyers can be delivered to local businesses and homes as part of the distribution of NN and MK Pulse magazines, Business Times and Business MK. All you have to do is give us your flyers and tell us which of our delivery areas you want to reach and we do the rest. 
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