Locally-based businesses are important to local communities. They generate employment and boost the local economy. People will want to support you and that’s why advertising your business in your community magazine offers so many benefits. 
Local identity 
Whether you run a hi-tech company or a local artisan bakery, you will be contributing your community’s identity. Whether you’re based in a converted farm building or have High Street offices, your employees probably buy their lunch and groceries locally and have friends, relations and interests in the local community. 
Community involvement 
Many small local businesses make a real difference by sponsoring local sports teams, fundraising for local charities and helping out with local good causes and events. Many businesses provide work experience opportunities for local colleges and give talks at local schools as well. 
Local networks 
Local businesses help to preserve the character of their local community too, by building strong local relationships with customers and suppliers, giving referrals and running business clubs to provide support for other businesses. It all helps to create and maintain strong local ties and long-term success. 
Environmental benefits 
By providing employment locally, your local business also helps to reduce the environmental impact of long-distance commuting. Some people can walk or cycle to work, which is better for them and the environment. There’s also evidence that people and happier and more productive when they work locally. 
Running a small business isn’t for everyone, but there’s no doubt that some people are simply bursting with entrepreneurial energy. By choosing to start your business locally, you bring extra enthusiasm to the whole community. You can also help to give other people confidence to do the same. 
Local pride 
Unique, locally made products and services on your doorstep help to build a stronger sense of community and to encourage people to visit your area. Buying locally is also very attractive to people who want to reduce their carbon footprint with reduced packaging and product miles. 
These are all good reasons why your neighbourhood will want to hear about you in your community magazine. Readers are already interested in everything to do within their community and your business is an important part of their world. Make sure you keep them up to date. 
We’re always interested in the different ways local businesses are involved in their communities. Let us know if you have a great story to share. 
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