We like to make people happy and we know, from the comments we receive, that people thoroughly enjoy reading every copy of Pulse magazine
In these strange times, that’s a good enough reason to keep on doing what we do. However, we thought we would also look at some of the other reasons people are so engaged with their favourite magazines. 

Speaking directly to readers 

A local magazine like Pulse isn’t speaking to or about anyone else; we are talking directly to our readers. We know who they are and what they like. That’s why they genuinely appreciate the content they receive and the care we take to create it for them. 
The stories we carry are about what is happening in the local community. Being local is important to our readers and they will want to use and support local businesses, which is why you can benefit from advertising in our pages. 
What’s more, at the moment, they will value every small thing you and your business can do to help them deal with the day to day challenges of life with coronavirus. 

A captive audience 

When so many of us are staying at home for so much of the time, relevant content that arrives through the door is valued. Businesses that allow people to explore their passions for art, music, or food, for example, really engage audiences. 
Helping them to find new and interesting things to do and learn about their favourite subjects will be attractive. Letting readers know that you offer online cooking courses, fitness videos, training or advice on home DIY is going to catch their attention, if that’s their new passion during lockdown. 
When we come out on the other side of coronavirus, your customers will remember businesses like yours that have helped them find their way through. 

Special interests 

Many people are taking time during the pandemic to find out more about their interests and hobbies. Recent research showed that almost a third of people say they are reading magazines that include content about their special interests including music, film, entertainment, and lifestyle. 
If your business meets their needs then it’s important to make sure that they know your goods or services are available. 

Pure pleasure 

Magazines are one of the top channels for delivering pleasurable reward moments, and their digital counterparts are top for purposeful information moments. 
Because magazines in print and online perform so well for both pleasure and purpose, readers’ feelings of well-being are improved. 
As an advertiser you can make sure your advertisements are useful, relevant and positive so that you become part of the experience. When you are contributing to passion-based content and providing trusted expertise you’re sure to be building your reputation. 

Here’s the proof 

Major magazine publishers are seeing readership increasing, in some cases, going up by 300%, 400% or even 500%. 
Magazines are meeting people’s very real needs during the current coronavirus restrictions and, as an advertiser, you can be part of it. 
Although many ABC1 households (Pulse magazine’s audience, by the way) are cutting back on expenditure they are still happy to spend on the things that make them happy. 
It has been shown that there is a link between a positive mindset and how people respond to advertising, with a 22% difference in likelihood to respond to calls to action. Positive people are more likely to try new things and buy advertised products and services. 
While choosing how to spend your marketing budget is challenging in these difficult times, this could be precisely the right moment to build better, stronger relationships with your customers by showing them how you meet their needs. 
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