Do you think that marketing leaflets are old fashioned and ineffective in a digital age? 
Here are some advantages that you might not have thought about, that could change your mind. 
Appealing - if they are well designed, leaflets have an immediate appeal. They can really shout out loud that they contain useful information. Admittedly, they have just a few seconds to interest someone between their letterbox and the bin, but that’s more attention than a lot of digital advertising receives. 
Cost - small businesses can reach a large local audience directly through their door. If your business is a local garage, restaurant or salon, for example, you will be reaching exactly the right people for a small cost. If your leaflet is delivered with a well-trusted publication like Pulse Magazine, you will save on distribution costs too. 
Targeted - you can choose specific distribution areas where you would like to work or where you already have customers. For example, if you are opening a new bakery, you could start with all the homes in neighbouring postcodes. 
Informative - while you don’t want your leaflet to look cluttered, you can choose a format that allows you to include plenty of useful information and offers. Add interesting images and well-chosen colours to deliver your message effectively. 
Creative - the way you choose to design and deliver your leaflets can really say something important about your business. There are plenty of intriguing formats and sizes available to make you stand out from the crowd. 
Easy to read - you know exactly what your readers are going to see when they look at a printed leaflet. Online advertising needs to be accessible in a range of different formats, depending on the devices your readers use. This means that your information can look very different on a tablet and a smartphone, for example. 
Recycling - if you’re worried about the environment you can make sure your leaflets and printed on an environmentally friendly paper stock. You can include a note to let your readers know you care about their surroundings and ask them to recycle the leaflet when they have read it. 
Measurable - you know that only a small part of your target audience will respond to a single leaflet, even if it is carefully designed, produced and targeted. To understand what you have achieved you can set goals, such as the response rate you would like or the number of products or services you want to sell. 
If you want to find out where your best customers will be found, you can deliver your leaflet in just one area at a time to test the response. Add an offer code and you’ll be able to keep track easily. 
Timing is important too, so you should plan to repeat the distribution regularly, perhaps with some small adjustments, to test what works best. 
Will leaflets work for your business? 
Leaflets are an effective tool. For a relatively small cost you can reach people who will be interested in what you have to offer, and you can easily refine your approach over time. 
You can take advantage of the Pulse Magazine’s 54,000 circulation in the Northampton and Milton Keynes areas to cost-effectively deliver your leaflets. You can select the locations that best suit your needs and be sure that you will be the only business of your type distributed with your chosen editions. 
Just give us a call to find out more. 
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