Gen Z customers were born between 1997 and 2010.
Millennials could easily provide mainstream sales for your business by now, but what about your Gen Z customers? In the UK there are about 10million Gen Z people born between 1997 and 2010 who now have a lot of buying power. That’s about 15% of the population. By 2025 they will make up over a quarter of the workforce
They are a generation that has grown up with technology, social media and the internet. They have a specific identity and their own preferences and they are different to millennials. You’ll need to understand their priorities to attract them as customers. 
For example, they expect to be treated with respect and will go elsewhere when companies disappoint them. They aren’t as loyal to brands as millennials and are unlikely to give you a second chance. They also appreciate variety and the opportunity to choose sources of information, entertainment and shopping. 

Offline marketing 

Despite always being surrounded by high-tech communications, Gen Z likes printed material and other offline content. They want to disconnect from the digital world sometimes and minimise distractions. The good news is that when your brand is included in their chosen printed material it gets their undivided attention. During their education they have also learnt to appreciate the advantages of printed textbooks and enjoy the touch, sight and smell of printed materials. 

Online buying 

Gen Z customers like alternatives to in-person buying and want easy digital payment options. You’ll need to make things easy with options like QR codes in your printed materials to link to your website. If you sell online you must also make it easy to switch between channels for uninterrupted buying experiences. 


Gen Z customers like personalised content and expect companies to use information they provide to improve the service they receive. Printed content can be customised based on their previous purchases and preferences. They are also likely to respond well to puzzles, quizzes, and promotions that can be used online or offline. They also like to feel their feedback is valued and used. 

Printed marketing for Gen Z 

Both millennials and Gen Z customers are looking for authenticity. Online publishing is everywhere and misleading content has caused them to lose confidence. Print is generally seen as authoritative and authentic, adding to its appeal. 
Combining digital and print marketing will suit your Gen Z customers, building on repeated messages to generate interest and engagement. Making your print marketing interactive through gamification and social media crossovers will also help to improve performance. 
With the rising cost of living, Gen Z is likely to respond well to online and offline special offers. This is also a good way to build your understanding of their buying choices. 
Even though they have always been surrounded by technology Gen Z customers are very likely to respond to direct mail. Because it is specifically addressed to them at their own address, it’s personalised and helps to build loyalty. 
Customer reviews are also popular because they are from ‘real’ people. Direct mail with testimonials should therefore provide a good return on your investment. 
Our friendly team will be happy to help you reach your Gen Z customers with printed advertising. Just give us a call. 
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