Sponsored material that looks like editorial content in a magazine is called and advertorial
If you’ve never heard of advertorials you’re not alone. 
Traditionally they are paid-for articles published in magazines and trade journals but now they are also popular as a type of content on digital channels
In a nutshell, advertorials are a form of advertising that looks like editorial content. They might be written by the advertiser or the publication and will be published alongside other content. In print the idea has been around since at least 1915 and it went on to become popular in broadcasting, where it might also be called an ‘infomercial’. 
If you’re worried about ‘fake news’ you can be reassured that all reputable channels will specifically say that it is advertising or sponsored content
One study looked at how readers perceived branded stories and found that seven out of 10 thought they were interesting and exciting and that they had good brand recall. The key to success is to provide content that allows your audience to learn and share new things. 
Despite being shown as paid-for content people are happy to read and engage with advertorial material and will spend about the same amount of time reading advertorials as editorial content. 

What makes a good advertorial? 

Your advertorial content could include highly designed infographics or simple product reviews. Both can be effective in publications that resonate with your customers and fit with your values. 
Your chosen publication might write the advertorial content for you or you can submit your own. If you’re writing your own content check the publication’s advertorial guidelines before you start. 
It’s a good idea to reflect the writing style of the publication because that is what attracts its readers. They will be more likely to read and trust something written in a similar style. 
You will have a limited number of words for your advertorial so you must be clear about the message you want your readers to remember. Pay attention to your headline, make sure you tell an engaging story, and use appealing images. You can build your credibility by quoting other experts in your field. 
If you want to talk specifically about your product you might consider a case study that shows how you solved a problem for a satisfied customer. Another option is to challenge common myths or misconceptions. Of course, you will want to tell your audience about how they will benefit and address any common objections you hear. 
Finally, you must be realistic about the outcome you expect to achieve. Depending on the value and complexity of your product or service, your customer might not be willing to make a purchase straight away, so your call to action could offer them a demonstration, a free quotation, or an introductory offer for a less expensive product for example. 

Ask us about an advertorial for your business 

Advertorials are a good way to reach and engage your audience. If you haven’t tried this approach for your business yet we will be happy to discuss your options for advertorial content in Pulse magazine
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