Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) figures show that, across a wide range of interests and demographics, magazine circulations are stable or increasing. 
Marketers who use print media, when so much emphasis is placed on digital, can really stand out from the crowd. 
Return on investment 
When you advertise in a printed magazine it’s not just one advertisement. People keep printed publications at home, they re-read articles and share them with friends. 
Publications available in public places like doctors’ surgeries and council offices have a long shelf-life and will be read by a lot of people. 
Effectively your advertisement will be viewed dozens of times for each copy that’s printed and circulated, raising awareness and improving recall. 
IN contrast, we are exposed to thousands of advertisements every day. Almost all of them are digital and over in a moment. We have our own internal filters and clever technical solutions to block out this tidal wave of material. 
That’s why hundreds of online advertising encounters are unlikely to have the same staying-power as a printed magazine advertisement. 
Mind the generation gap 
Although there’s a popular theory that younger readers favour digital media, there is evidence that they are reading almost as much as older generations. Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2012) are keen to read print. They will read magazines for about an hour every week and trust them above other media types to deliver credible information. 
As a marketer with a younger target audience, printed magazines will help you build trust and brand loyalty. 
Be noticed 
If you want to make a bold statement to your clients about how to gain interest in an increasingly noisy and competitive environment, then show them you can be creative with print. Done well, magazine advertising can be edgy, engaging and highly memorable. Would your clients say ‘no’ to that? 
Trustworthiness adds value 
In a world where fake news is a growing concern, people still trust print media. Equally, concerns about questionable digital content are affecting the reputation of brands that rely on these channels to reach their audience. 
If you want to help your clients establish trust, then the high perceived trustworthiness of print media can’t be ignored. Building trust with customers gives them a reason to choose your client above their competitors and can have a direct effect on the bottom line. 
Pictures really do speak 
Let’s not get bogged down about whether ‘visual learning’ is a real thing; people simply prefer to view images with their text. Together they help them to understand the information they receive. 
When they look at a well-designed advertisement, they are more likely to relate to its content and remember its message. Add the fact that people have ‘taken time out’ to read their magazine and you have a very receptive audience. 
Talk to us, if you want to stand out from the marketing crowd and help your clients to increase their revenue, gain customers’ trust, and attract younger readers. 
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