Even in such challenging times, it’s great to see how the community in Milton Keynes is working together to make a difference and to take care of our most vulnerable people. 
Help the coronavirus helpers 
Sadly the 500+ volunteers working with the Milton Keynes Coronavirus Community Support Group are struggling for funding. Their plans to deliver leaflets and support to people in need were put under pressure after a potential sponsor pulled out due to the worsening economic situation. 
Not to be beaten, they are now running a Gofundme campaign to complete their plans to send out up to 100,000 leaflets with safeguarding information and contact details for local coordinators. 
Most of the leaflets have now been produced with the help of a generous local printer and they are already helping people and bringing local communities together. You can find out more on their Facebook page
There is also the Milton Keynes Covid-19 support group to help people affected by the virus. Anyone who wants to give their help or who needs help can simply add their name to the group and someone will get in touch. 
Share your good news 
Across Milton Keynes, Community Action: MK is doing great work to support all sorts of voluntary groups that have existing expertise and systems to provide on-the-ground support to the most vulnerable people in our community. 
Equally importantly, they are encouraging everyone to share their good news during these strange times. They are asking for stories of care and kindness in the community to keep everyone up to date and aware of all the help available. Just tag them at them @ComActmk or @CommunityActionMK 
Share your good news: mailto:[email protected]  
Support for the vulnerable 
Milton Keynes Council and the MK Community Foundation have launched the MK Emergency Appeal Fund. Milton Keynes Council has provided an initial £50,000 to start the appeal, with the MK Community Foundation adding another £50,000, so they already have £100,000 to start making a difference. 
Their aim is to provide grants of up to £2,000 to charities, community groups and other not for profit organisations operating in the Milton Keynes area. 
The funding will help groups that are either affected by Covid-19 or that are supporting people directly affected by the virus. 
Applications can be made by organisations supporting vulnerable groups and providing activities that help vulnerable people, including: 
• community response coordination 
• volunteer costs 
• foodbanks. 
Staying fully stocked 
Meanwhile, Tesco has temporarily re-occupied over 615,000 square feet of warehouse space at Fenny Lock in Milton Keynes to help with the short-term demands on its supply chain. It’s a huge space with capacity for almost 20,000 pallets. Hopefully this step will help to see more essentials like flour and cleaning products on the shelves, so there really isn’t any need for panic buying. 
We are so proud to be part of a community that is working together to make a difference.  
We will continue to share stories of all the great things people are doing, so please let us know.  
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