Despite frequent warnings that print magazines like Pulse are no longer effective in a digital world, some of us are using our strengths to adapt and achieve positive results. 
Here we look at why print magazines are still a force to be reckoned with in the world of marketing. 
Reaching the right audience 
Many magazines are successful in print because they meet the needs of specific audiences that value their content; they are creating a high-quality experience, just for them. In our case content is tailored to the local communities in Northampton and Milton Keynes and people really love to read about their towns and the extraordinary things that are happening in their neighbourhood. 
Delivering value 
In some cases, but not in ours, magazine editors have reduced the frequency of their publication. It’s not a cost-saving measure; instead they have re-thought the benefits they offer, invested in even higher quality content, and offered imaginative new digital benefits. 
At Pulse magazine we offer a high-quality online version alongside our printed editions and over 3,500 readers subscribe to receive a copy in their inbox every month. Our readers can easily find those articles they wanted to share without having to part with their own printed copy. Our advertisers have extra opportunities to reach their potential customers too. 
The Harvard Business Review took this approach and achieved a 10% increase in subscriptions. Popular Science magazine went from monthly to quarterly and increased the cost of subscriptions and still saw a 30% increase in the value of their subscriptions. 
Which all goes to show that when magazines focus on quality and the interests of their readers, they deliver a much-valued product that people want to read. That’s marketing gold dust. 
Saying it on social 
Like many other magazines, the Pulse magazine team is also enjoying a growing family of friends and followers on social media. We love hearing about what people are getting up to and answering their questions. 
We also share a lot of valuable content on social media, keeping our followers thoroughly engaged. 
Keeping it credible 
With growing concerns about the quality of some digital content there’s evidence that people find printed publications more credible and trustworthy
People and businesses who feature or advertise in printed publications benefit from that ‘halo’ of credibility and it helps to build their reputation. 
Ofcom’s News Consumption Survey consistently confirms that magazines are the UK’s most trusted source of news. This year Ofcom says there has been a 4% drop in people using social media as a source of news. 
The credibility of printed magazines also benefits their online editions, which gives them an advantage over their digital-only competitors. 
What’s the story? 
Marketers and consumers value printed content. In a crowded and sometimes frantic digital world, print provides an oasis of calmness for readers to enjoy information that is important to them. 
If you want to build your reputation, telling your story in print is a great way to make a good impression, to be remembered and to engage with your audience. 
Please get in touch to find out how the magic of print could work for you. 
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