abstract lines and shapes and vivid colours will be design trends for 2022
To be sure your marketing stands out in 2022 here are some of the design trends we expect to see. 
Back to the 90s – since we are all still facing so many challenges it’s not surprising that nostalgia will influence design trends this year. Look out for Memphis-style geometric patterns with brightly coloured shapes and lines, emojis and a look-back-with-fondness to early internet themes. There will be bright colour blocks and grunge-style cartoons and montages. 
Legible lettering – interesting new uses of lettering will explore legibility and create interesting new effects. You might find mismatched fonts and an overlap with art and design to create new styles and intriguing shapes and patterns. 
A Japanese influence – abstract designs using flat colours influenced by Japanese pioneers will feature this year. They will be bright, bold and dramatic and will be ideal for the latest design tools. The oriental originals were often printed or painted and involved the use of hand-cut woodblocks. The Great Wave off Kanagawa will give you an idea of the overall effect. 
Doodles – you can really capture an idea in a way that’s easy to understand with a doodle. Almost anything from a few simple lines to complex patterns could be included to create something unique and personal. 
An online antidote – with the demand for so much online content there are clearly standards and approaches that are proven to work in a digital environment. However, this means many campaigns look very similar, so this year we can expect to see an antidote to this standardisation. There will be some visual challenges to the more traditional approaches of rigid design grids, complementary colours and clear boundaries. The response will probably be mixed but you could become a trailblazer. 
Outdoor influences – like the rest of us, many designers explored outdoor spaces as a type of escape during the lockdowns and they are now bringing these themes into their work. There are likely to be plenty of illustrations involving imaginary subjects in more natural settings and colours, especially as backgrounds in print and online and for product labelling. 
Patternsstatement geometric patterns and distortions will create some exciting effects that can deliver extra impact to your designs. 
Going to the max – if you have a design space to work with why not fill it with objects, colours and patterns to convey a message? You can create a collection of relevant ideas and images to intrigue and engage your audience. 
Bubbles – we all need some fun, so the rounded graphics and bubble lettering styles you might have seen in the 60s and 70s could be making a comeback with a modern twist. Circles are often used to suggest friendliness and enjoyment which can be updated by stretching shapes and adding dashing colours. 

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