Does your post-coronavirus business recovery plan include magazine advertising? We think there are some very good reasons why it should. 
Not least, while many people are still working from home, a magazine delivered though their letterbox will be an appealing opportunity for a break from online meetings and emails. 
Being clear 
We know there are still a lot of questions about which businesses can reopen and what they will be required to do. 
Advertising your plans will let people know that you are ready to reopen and what you will do to keep everyone safe. 
Social media, your website, signs and posters will share the message, but an advertisement will reach people that you might otherwise miss. Explaining your plan will give your customers confidence. 
You can communicate clearly about changes to your opening hours or days, for example, so that you can arrange for extra cleaning. 
Let people know that you will look forward to welcoming them soon, even if it won’t be for a few weeks. Most importantly, be reassuring and consistent. 
Be part of the team 
In our new ‘normal’ world people like Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase bank, says we should “think, act and invest for the common good”. 
Businesses that are seen to be actively and positively improving things for their customers, employees and wider community will be more resilient
Now is the ideal time to rethink your advertising plans to tell the story of how your business has responded to the recent challenges and to explain the difference you can make in the future. 
Tell people that you’re a responsible business - because everyone has shared the experiences of lockdown and many have been furloughed, your story will be relevant to everyone. 
Your advertisements can tell your customers how you have continued to provide urgent services and to look after your employees. 
You can explain how you are bringing people back to work safely and how you are taking care of customers, employees and suppliers. 
A recent study by University College London found that women with children are almost 50% more likely than men with children to have permanently lost or left their jobs this year and they are 14% more likely to have been furloughed. So, it’s important to make sure that you reassure people that you have treated all your employees fairly. 
Be positive about the future - we are all feeling the impact of coronavirus and that’s why it’s so important to build on our strengths and be positive about the future. 
If you have reorganised your business and found better ways to do things, like selling online for example, you can promote your new services and ideas and invite people to try them out. After all, we’ve all been doing things differently in the last few months. 
Be generous - even though these are challenging times, there’s room for good causes. Tell people how you have helped and what you plan to do in the coming months to support your employees and their families, your customers, and your community
Please get in touch if you would like to share your recovery story with your community. 
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