Food, fashion or fun – if the audience for your business is young (under 30) then magazine advertising is a great way to engage them. Here are some reasons why: 
The Millennial generation has always had access to a huge range of media; not just the internet and social media at home and on mobile devices, but also streaming entertainment, satellite TV and digital radio, as well as all the traditional, print, film and broadcast choices. 
With so many options available, they have had to become much more discerning. They are more critical about general, undifferentiated content and are more likely to choose sources of information and entertainment based on their personal interests, beliefs and tastes. 
Favourite channels 
Research has shown that half of the Millennial audience is likely to ignore much of the digital advertising they see. In comparison, they are more likely to give attention to direct mail and print advertising. 
They are also likely to question the information they receive and feel that paper documents are more trustworthy. 
Emotional responses to content are important for this generation. That’s why touching and holding printed material is popular. So, from birthday cards to sports reports, there’s a positive response to print. 
While there might be a popular belief that all young people have a ‘fear of missing out’ when they’re parted from their mobile devices, there’s a growing trend for literally ‘switching-off’; powering down laptops, tablets and mobile phones and experiencing the ‘joy of missing out’ (jomo). Instead of checking texts, social channels and WhatsApp, ‘down-time’ is becoming a favourite pastime. The younger generation likes to make space to listen to music and read books, newspapers and magazines. 
Catching the culture 
While the digital generation values print, they expect the same contemporary, high quality style and design they see on other channels. 
Advertising for this generation must look good and deliver engaging and emotionally-charged content. It must have the right messages and incentives for them to respond, and use the right language and cultural references to be really effective. 
Because online buying is so popular print isn’t an alternative to your digital channels. It must complement them to build reputation and trust with your audience. 
If you want to get on the same page as your young audience, find out more about magazine advertising. Just give us a call
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