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A lot of people continue to enjoy reading newspapers, magazines, and books. For some it’s an antidote to a very busy digital world. That’s what makes print an excellent way to reach new people who might be interested in your products or services. 

Why printed magazines can reach new audiences 

Over half of the UK’s adults (52%) say they prefer to read printed magazines, so you can access a large audience of potential customers. 
Print also reaches all types of people, and one interesting fact is that a lot of the people who enjoy reading print are millennials and Gen Zs under 35 years old. If your potential customers are in this age group, advertising in printed publications is a good choice. 
People are also more inclined to trust what they see in print, compared with other content. That can affect people’s views about the advertisements too, which helps businesses that advertise in newspapers and magazines to reach new audiences. 

How to make the most of your print advertisement opportunities 

Research - First you will need to explore your target audience’s preferences. Ideally speak with a representative sample to find out what they are looking for. You will also need to understand which publications they are likely to read. Most publications will be able to tell you about their audience demographics and their readers’ interests. 
Placement - Having chosen the best print publications, you will need to choose where to place your advertisements or editorial content. 
If you have chosen more general publications, you will want your advertisement to appear as close to the front as possible, where it’s more likely to be seen and remembered. However, if your chosen publications have specialist sections you might want to appear in those instead. Of course, the front and back covers are the most noticeable locations, but these can sometimes be difficult and expensive to obtain. 
Attention - Digital advertising has affected the way we all relate to advertising and other content, and for many of us that means less is more. People want to understand exactly what they’re seeing in a single glance. Good use of colour, images and fonts will help to hold attention for those valuable extra moments that can make all the difference to your results. 
Value - One of the best ways to attract and keep people’s attention is to tell them something they didn’t know. This might be a new piece of research or a new product for example. Alternatively, you might tell people how to save money or solve a problem. 
Measurement - There are some creative ways to track the performance of your printed advertising. A unique tracking code or promotional number that customers can use to receive a discount is ideal. You can create a unique page on your website and only use the page address or a linked quick response (QR) code in your advertisement. You could also set up a unique email address or telephone number. 
Pulse Magazine is kept and referred to time and time again so your advertisement is more likely to be seen more than once by many different people. 
We will be happy to tell you more about our readers and help you reach a new audience by advertising on our pages, so please get in touch
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