Meet local business people at Business Expo 2023 Northampton
We might still be out of practice when it comes to attending local business events. It’s worth the effort though. They are a great way to meet other like-minded business owners and potential customers, partners and suppliers. 

Making things personal 

TIn a highly competitive and challenging environment meeting people who can support your business has never been more important. You might be surprised by the shared interests and opportunities you discover. 
Building strong relationships with your local business community will also help you build you reputation and brand. People are more interested than ever to discover in person what businesses are all about. They want to do business with companies that share their values and goals. 
When you and your team meet members of your local business community face to face you can learn what’s really happening in your area. 

Meeting experts, suppliers and customers 

Local business shows provide opportunities to meet influential local people and hear what they have to say. The very fact that they have come along to an event shows they are interested and open to ideas. 
It’s more efficient than spending your valuable time sending email introductions and calling potential business contacts. Instead, you can meet ‘people who know people’ and build valuable relationships. You might even be able to solve someone else’s business problem while you’re there. 

Positive intentions 

You know people attending trade shows are interested and curious. They are more likely to listen to what you have to say and will be happy to network with you. They might also be interested in a one-to-one meeting later. 

Learn about your competitors 

If your competitors are likely to attend local events you should be there too. You can hear what they have to say and find out how your potential customers respond. You might even discover partnership opportunities if you offer a service or product that your competitors don’t. 
If larger and longer established companies in your sector are present they will probably be happy to share advice. If there are talks and seminars you can learn from their experience and apply it to your own business. Being seen with market leaders will also give your reputation a boost. 
You might also want to do some mystery shopping to to understand the service and experience customers are receiving. This could give you helpful ideas about things you can do better. 


You can improve your business reputation by being seen in the right places and build your credibility and influence. At a recognised business event, you can speak with people on the same level as your competitors. This is especially helpful if your business is new or you’re looking to enter a new sector. 
You’ll also benefit from all the promotional effort the organisers have put in to attract high quality business contacts. If you have a new idea or product, it’s an ideal opportunity to collect feedback to develop your marketing plans. 
Come along to our first Business Expo of 2023 if you would like to expand your business network. It’s the perfect place to find new customers, learn more about the latest local business trends and your competitors. 
You can book your tickets here for the Your Business Expo Northampton on 8th February at Sywell Aerodrome. 
You can also share your local business stories in MK Pulse and NN Pulse magazines, Business Times and Business MK
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