Linda Thomas Brooks, Chief Executive of the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) made the case for the power of print advertising at the international periodical publishers’ FIPP World Congress in London. She says:  
“Everything marketeers say they want right now, magazines can offer.  
They’re brand safe, brand edifying, and they deliver results.” 
Thomas Brooks says that MPA research shows how “magazine brands help tell stories and sell products for advertisers”. With a return on investment of $3.90 for every $1 spent, the argument is compelling. 
A combined approach 
Advertisers are starting to recognise that too much of their advertising budget has moved to digital platforms and that real and measurable benefits can be achieved with a mixed media approach. 
Europe’s largest advertising market is here in the UK, with the total value estimated to be almost £21billion in 2019, so there’s plenty of scope for advertisers to take advantage of print media alongside their digital channels. 
Print is thriving 
The idea that print publishing is a dying art is widespread, but there’s plenty of evidence to show that its strength is increasingly valued. 
Thomas Books says  
“We keep recycling this old argument that print is dying, but it ignores the reality that magazines have many things that make them special.  
Magazine media builds brands and sells products in a safe and transparent environment.” 
Research evidence 
Research by Canada Post compared the effects of printed marketing material with digital media. The work shows that printed material outperforms digital content for understanding, persuasiveness and attention. Importantly, the reader’s brand retention was 70% higher when viewing printed material. 
Over 100 studies provide evidence that we understand information in a printed format better than digital presentations. Slower reading speeds, higher concentration, and 
use in a more relaxed environment all add to the impact of printed advertising. 
Supporting the decision to buy 
From awareness to purchase, magazines can add value for brands. MPA’s research shows that, rather than abandoning print, people are happy to engage with extra channels like Instagram or Facebook. When print advertising is combined with these digital channels, both awareness and purchase intent are increased. 
Part of the strength of a magazine is that people choose to read content that they value. The magazine’s own brand values add to the advertiser’s brand to build greater trust and motivation. 
In the future 
The best results are achieved by brands that offer ‘in the moment’ content on digital platforms and more enduring content on the printed page. 
Magazines know their readers and the content that will appeal to them. Advertisers can benefit from this knowledge and the level of trust loyal readers have with their favourite magazines. 
However, advertising in printed magazines isn’t an easy option. Creativity and flair are just as important here as on digital platforms. Careful thought still needs to be given to the structure, images and content of your magazine advertisements to realise the full benefit. 
Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of printed advertising for your brand in Pulse magazine. 
*MPA’s Magazine Media 360° industry measure captures consumer demand for magazine content across platforms and formats including print and digital editions, websites and video. 
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