A local business showing an open sign is important for local people
The term ‘location, location, location’ might have been popular in the property sector for almost 100 years, but where your business is located has become more important than ever for your marketing strategy, whatever sector you’re in. 
Eight out of 10 people use Google to find information about local businesses and ‘available near me’ searches increased by 100% in 2021. 
Being ‘local’ is now an important factor when customers make buying decisions, so promoting your local roots in your marketing is a good business strategy. 

Changing attitudes 

The growing preference for local businesses is due, in part, to increased awareness of the impact travel has on the environment. This makes the idea of product miles – the distance they have travelled before reaching their final destination – an important consideration. Seven out of 10 European consumers expressed a clear preference for locally sourced produce which is one reason why farmers’ markets are becoming so popular. 
People are also more likely to trust local businesses that are embedded in their community. 

Local searches 

They are interested in online. Google says that more than two thirds of customers expect business search results to be within five miles of their location
This makes the searcher’s location relevant to your search engine performance and means that you have more chance of ranking in search results if you have local credentials. 

Community focus 

For many people the contribution local businesses and organisations make to the local economy and community are valuable in themselves. 
Including support for local charities and community initiatives as part of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy will increase your local standing and reinforce your brand. 

Make the most of local media 

Studies show a growing preference for local advertising compared to national channels like television, for example. Channel choices are changing too, with local radio becoming less popular, while mail and leaflet door drops maintain their position with a quarter of the total spend. 
Printed magazines and leaflets delivered directly into a customer’s home are an effective way to deliver your message to exactly the right place. In a busy digital world, you can also cut through the noise to provide a quiet moment of calmness. 
Local content boosts customer interactions, making them more likely to be discussed with someone else and to generate enough interest for those valuable local searches. 

Be specific 

Leaflet drops can be targeted to post codes based on: 
a radius around your business location 
local transport routes 
where you are most likely to find your ideal customers based on demographics such as age or type of household. 
Our dedicated team can hand deliver your leaflets to homes and businesses across Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. All you need to do is select the homes and businesses you want to receive your leaflets on any of our highly targeted delivery routes. Once you have made your booking, we won’t include any competitor’s leaflet in the distribution. 
Talk to our helpful team to find out more. 
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