customer experience trends in 2022 include preferences for refillable packaging
The idea of delivering exceptional customer experiences isn’t only about how quickly your website pages load on a mobile phone. 
During the pandemic customer priorities and expectations have changed and all businesses will be affected. 
Here are some customer experience trends to think about in 2022: 
Channel changes – as we know, ecommerce growth has exceeded all expectations in 2020 to 2021 and it’s expected to account for almost a quarter of all retail sales by 2025. This is now expanding to other digital channels as customers start to browse and buy on their favourite social media platforms. For example, WhatsApp has introduced features that make it easier for customers to shop on the platform, including automated chats with brands and personalised recommendations. 
Fast responses – it’s not surprising that customers now expect the same fast response they have received online for all their shopping experiences. Speed and convenience are important and businesses that can respond quickly will have an advantage, from groceries to banking. A US-based study found that customers expect responses to their enquiries in five minutes or less
Environmental impactnine out of 10 consumers expect companies to be socially and environmentally responsible. More importantly, businesses must be transparent about how they are delivering their goals to protect the environment and the community. 
Sellers like Amazon allow customers to sort products that are climate friendly or made with clean materials, helping their shoppers choose more responsible brands. 
Eco-friendly business concepts like refill shops and recycled products are gaining enthusiastic and loyal customers. 
Customers are buying experiences – forward thinking companies are now building communities to share and endorse their products as their customers increasingly look for memorable experiences. 
This might include educational events, such as cooking classes, or add-on home improvement services from hardware stores. Outdoor specialists are helping customers to book activities where they can use the products they buy. 
Automation – with increasing customer expectations many businesses are turning to technology to meet demand and overcome staffing shortages. For example, McDonald’s is testing a system powered by artificial intelligence to take orders in its drive-thru sites. 
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