Facebook had changed its name to Meta, but the metaverse is still al long way in the future.
You will have heard about the metaverse and you’ve probably already experienced some aspects of it. You might not even have known it at the time. 
Facebook has rebranded as Meta. However, a world where we’re all connected to virtual experiences on the worldwide web via 3D portals doesn’t exist yet. We don’t all have avatars or virtual selves that move from one digital experience to the next. We don’t automatically create content and spend money wherever we go online. 
However, the way we connect with each other is changing and virtual and physical experiences are merging. Programmatic print is one example. 

What is programmatic print? 

Digital advertising created opportunities for advertisers to provide advanced personalisation and retargeting. Now a similar approach is being adopted for print advertising. It can be integrated with digital marketing to add another level of engagement with your customers. You can use customer data you’ve collected from multiple sources to quickly personalise and deliver printed content to. You could even create a personalised product catalogue based on the things that interested them online or in-store. 

Why use programmatic print? 

Many of us receive an average of 120 emails every day. They might come from a supermarket, an online store or a mailing list. That’s why less than three in every hundred are opened. The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds while printed content delivered to your door is often kept for 17 days. 
When a printed item arrives, customers can open it when they’re ready – there aren’t any ‘pings’ or notifications. They can touch it, smell it, read it at their own pace and save it for later. It’s a complete and relatively distraction-free experience. The ‘programmatic’ part means that it’s also relevant to your customer’s recent browsing and shopping. This makes it much more interesting than a generic leaflet or catalogue. Combining special offers in print with offers on social media or your website will also build your brand and increase sales. 

Print marekting isn’t just for big businesses 

There are marketing automation tools available that are designed to use with digital printing. There are also print service providers (PSPs) who specialise in automated personalised printing. 
Programmatic print can be integrated with the rest of your business processes. You can use it to attract extra attention and support your wider branding campaigns. For example, someone might visit your online shop and add their details at checkout without completing their purchase. With this approach you can send them a personalised postcard reminder featuring the product they liked but didn’t buy. 

How to make it all work together 

You can use the information you collect to showcase your most popular products online and in printed catalogues. Alternatively, you could run special promotions for less popular products. Based on the addresses you collect you can deliver leaflets in specific postcodes because their neighbours might be interested too. You could also invite customers to a business event or exhibition
Speak with our friendly team to find out how to integrate print marketing into your digital world. 
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