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Why does everyone think that they should ask for the top of an early right-hand page when they book a magazine advertisement
Is this just advertising folklore or is there some evidence about the best place to position your advertisement? 

Premium positioning 

It’s a fact that you will pay more for some advertising positions such as inside the frontand back covers of a magazine, or on the back cover itself. 
The back cover of a magazine is in most demand, so it is the most expensive. If the back cover isn’t available, the two inside covers would be the next choice. 
These are prominent positions that almost everyone who picks up the magazine will at least glance at. Because many advertisers regard them as the best positions you might find that someone has already reserved them with a long-term contract or is paying a price which is outside your budget. 
Here’s something to think about. If you always place your advertisement in the same position in a magazine, no matter how prominent, people will eventually stop noticing it, so moving your advertisement’s position from time to time can be a good idea. 

Right-hand pages 

Most of us naturally read from left to right and from the top to the bottom of a page. 
When someone reads a magazine, they will often scan each page and their eyes will naturally go to the right-hand side of the right-hand page before they turn over to the next page. 
In fact, the bottom right on a right-hand page is called the ‘anchor’ position that many advertisers prefer. 

Above the fold 

This term traditionally refers to newspapers, which are often folded horizontally for easy distribution, sales, and for broadsheet newspapers, easy reading as well. 
To be sure your advertisement is seen, it should appear in the area known as ‘above the fold’. This assumes that readers will focus on the top half of the page. This is probably where the most important news appears and, if a magazine includes a news section, this rule of thumb will apply here too. 
So, placing your advertisement in the top half of any news page will increase the likelihood that readers will notice it. 

Special sections 

Magazines often include special sections, depending on their audience. This can be very useful to you as an advertiser. If one of the special sections speaks directly to the people you want to reach then this will be an ideal spot for your advertisement. 
Because this section will appeal to a smaller, more specific group it might be in less demand generally, so it will be cheaper and easier to book while still reaching your audience. 
Some magazines put most of their advertisements on the last few pages. However, readers are more likely to skip this section because there’s no real reason for them to stop and read it. Ideally, ask for a position in the first half of the magazine. 

Feature articles 

Many magazines will carry larger feature articles in each edition. It’s worth asking what features they have planned because there might be something that will really attract your target audience. Then you can ask for your advertisement to be positioned with or near the relevant feature article. 
Some publications will offer you editorial content when you book advertising with them. This might make people pause to read your article and increase the likelihood that they will see your advertisement. However, it’s best to make these articles genuinely informative because many readers dislike selling messages in their editorial content. 

Make the right impression 

Every time a reader sees or reads your advertisement it’s known as an ‘impression’, so your choice of position in a magazine is important. One way to increase your chances of making an impression is to take a full-page advertisement. 
Readers will then have to at least turn over your page as they browse their magazine. They won’t regard this as an interruption to their reading enjoyment when your advertisement is well designed and clear, and it will improve your visibility. 
So, to answer our original question, the perfect position for your magazine advertisement is where it is most likely to be seen by your audience. That will depend on who they are and the style and content of the magazine. 
If you would like to find out more about the perfect place for your advertisement in Pulse magazine, please get in touch
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