You can use quick response or QR codes to link your online and print marketing
Print marketing is still an important part of your marketing mix with plenty of scope for innovation. 
Here are some important trends that are worth adding to your plans in 2022. 
Personalisation – this has been a recognised approach to printed marketing for decades. There’s nothing like seeing your own name on an envelope or brochure to catch your attention. With digital printing you can create personalised marketing materials cost effectively and improve your response rates and sales. 
Targeting – you don’t need to sell to everybody. It’s worth spending some time thinking about how you solve problems for the people who are most likely to buy from you. Then you can decide how best to target them and how to convince them that you have the solution they’re looking for. You can tailor everything from the design and content to the colour and distribution of your marketing materials to attract them. 
You might focus on where they are or where they are likely to go for work or for pleasure. You could streamline and phase your marketing to reach them at exactly the right moment. 
Retargeting – this has become very popular online. You will often see advertisements related to something you have searched for popping up on your smartphone, for example. Did you know that you can also follow up with printed reminders sent directly to customers who have registered on your website as a subscriber or at checkout, even if they don’t complete their purchase? If you capture their postal address, ask for permission of course, and work with the right print partner, you can send them a personalised postcard to thank them for their visit and tell them all the different ways they can contact you or keep in touch. 
Integration – to make the most of your marketing efforts you can combine digital and printed content. It will give your audience more opportunities to see your messages and offers and will increase the likelihood they will remember you. Combine the two by including a quick response (QR) code in your printed materials that your potential customers can scan on their smartphone to visit your website or app. 
Creativity – digital experiences are very immediate. You don’t have long to catch someone’s attention and, typically, you don’t have much room to include many details. For a longer shelf-life for your marketing some well-planned and beautifully produced printed material with that extra creative ‘Wow!’ factor is more likely to be remembered and kept. 
Everything from an unusually shaped business card to a bookmark or pop-up piece of desk art could help you convert leads to sales. A good use of interesting colours that represent your business and your potential customers’ interests will get you noticed from green for nature to orange for imagination. Interesting coatings and finishes including varnishes and metallic effects can all make you stand out from the crowd. 
Talk to us to find out how Pulse magazine can be part of your innovative marketing plans in 2022. 
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