What's your business story in a speech bubble.
Everyone loves a story which is why it’s so important to tell the story of your business. It helps people understand who you are and what motivates you. 
Like all your favourite tales, there’s human interest about you and your customers, drama about the problems you solve, and a happy ending with satisfied clients. Most importantly, stories help people to like and trust you. 

What is business storytelling? 

Stories can help connect us with all sorts of people and help them learn and remember important information. 
The story of your business is a mix of facts and emotions. You describe what you do and why you do it. Most importantly, you describe how you do things. If people like your story they are more likely to take the next step. They might contact you, subscribe to your newsletter or remember your product. 
As a business owner your story also helps with one of the most challenging parts of marketing – creating relevant content. Once your business story is clear it’s much easier to decide what types of content you should create and where to share it. It all works together to paint a picture of your business that’s unique. 

Make your customers the stars of your story 

Although you’re telling the story, you aren’t really the star attraction. The problems you solve for your customers and their appreciation are the important things. People do want to know who you are. However, what they really want to know is how they’ll feel when they work with you or buy from you. 
You must show you understand them and can give them something valuable. In the simplest terms, your story starts with how you understood your customers’ problems. Then it goes on to explain how you meet their needs. 

How to share your story 

You can tell your story in all sorts of places, but print is ideal because your readersare already looking for something to interest them
They will immediately recognise characters like themselves who have problems to solve. They’ll understand you have the solution and relate to how they might feel when you solve their similar problem. You can even describe your quest to find the solution that exactly meets your customer’s needs. 
Even better, you can save information about the new challenges you have resolved for your customers. Then you can update your story in the future by adding further examples. 
Another great advantage of telling your story is that it’s about real people and every day conditions. You don’t have to work with ‘What if’ situations and can describe things that really happened. 
You can also share your story when you’re looking to add new people to your team. It will help you attract employees who share your approach and who can add new chapters to the story themselves. 

Share your story in Pulse magazine 

We really like to share our customers’ stories in their advertising and advertorial content. You can explain how you started with a simple idea or made your first product in your garage. You might have trained in one industry and realised you had skills that could meet needs elsewhere. People will be really interested to know more. Include a call to action asking anyone who relates to your story to get in touch. 
If you would like to share your business story in Pulse magazine, just let us know
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