digital and print marketing are a perfect combinations like strawberries and cream
Like strawberries and cream, print and digital marketing are each good on their own but so much better together. 
Gone are the days when everyone focused on digital campaigns because they could be launched in days and were easily tracked with click through rates. Switched on marketers now know that rolling out template-based online offers do little to add to brand and reputation in an increasingly crowded digital world. 
Since the start of the pandemic, digital transformation has been the key to survival for many businesses but printed marketing continues to offer opportunities for marketers that want to build relationships and retain customers. 

Lifecycle marketing 

It’s well known that it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. This makes long-term brand engagement a priority while businesses work hard to achieve the best return for their marketing investment. 
Building on the wealth of information about customer behaviour that can be observed through online engagement, print advertisements can be carefully designed and placed to attract the attention of your ideal customers. With the addition of quick response codes to direct people to promotional web pages and offer codes that can be redeemed online, print is a perfect complement to digital. 
The art is to use the right channels and messages at the right stage in your campaign’s lifecycle. It’s a valid approach all the way from launching a new product or service through to nurturing new customers and reactivating dormant accounts. 

When to use print 

All of us see so many digital messages each time we use our smartphone, tablet or PC that we have become very good a filtering them out. Something special needs to happen to attract attention and to encourage people to act. 
When you successfully achieve the cross over between online and offline channels with well planned and executed ideas that meet customer needs you will overcome this obstacle. Your customers are less concerned about the channel than the quality of the communication you provide. 
Print can cut through the noisy digital environment with your important messages and three quarters of UK adults engage with the printed material delivered through their door. With more people working from home than ever before that makes it a highly effective option to reach your audience. What’s more, people are more likely to trust what they see in print

Use voice power 

Technology is moving fast and when you want to catch people in the moment, taking advantage of voice activated responses using Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant can be ideal for print. 
Now you can set up a voice activated call to action (VACTA) as part of your printed advertisement. All your potential customer has to do is ask their smart speaker to “Launch Respond Fast” and then they can quote your offer name or code to take the next step. 

Talk to us 

The team at Pulse magazine is always happy to discuss ways to help you make the most of your digital channels with imaginative print solutions. We have a talented design team to create eye-catching content and we can cost-effectively deliver your leaflets to targeted post codes in the Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire areas. 
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