“People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” 
Howard Gossage, the hero of many modern advertising legends, said this almost 70 years ago but it’s still true today. 

What is interesting? 

Taking a closer look at what might seem like a ‘throw away’ comment, we can find some important ideas about what makes an advertisement effective. 
Firstly, to appeal to your audience you will need to imagine and understand their needs and motivations. There might be some straightforward assumptions that you can make such as ‘everybody likes to save time, have more money, or feel fit and well’ but that won’t make your advertisement stand out. 
To create really engaging advertising you will want to show your audience that you understand and can solve their specific problems. They aren’t interested in your business; they are interested in what it can do for them or someone they know. 

Telling the right story 

While a lawnmower might cut grass, and your lawnmower cuts grass even better than most, is this really what your customer wants? 
While some people enjoy cutting grass most people want their lawn to look good so that they can enjoy their outside space. 
Go a step further and imagine what they might be doing in their garden. They might want to sit back and relax or they could enjoy outdoor entertaining. 
You can explain how your lawnmower is fast and efficient with an extra-large box for collecting cuttings so that the job is done in half the time. This means they will have more time to enjoy their garden. Now you have a story they will be interested in reading

Joining your club 

You can also attract your customers’ attention by showing them that you hold the same interests and values. This is a powerful way to build customer loyalty which will increase their long-term value for your business. 
People like to do business with people they like, so including images that show them you are professional, approachable, and friendly will build confidence. 
It’s worth thinking about what your customers are like and how your own approach to business fits with their values

Use the right language 

Sometimes called ‘tone of voice’, your advertising will need to use the right words and phrases to appeal to your audience. You can talk to them directly, as if you are in the same room. To emphasise the point, use ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your advertising copy. 
Even if your product is technical using simple language to explain how it solves your customer’s problem will make it much easier to catch their attention and to encourage them to read everything you have to say. 

Tell people what to do 

Making sure you tell people how they can benefit is important. Telling them how they can obtain the benefit straight away should be your call to action. Your whole advertisement should bring the reader to the point where they want to take the next step, so you need to be clear what that is. 
If you want customers to call tell them that you’re waiting to hear from them and give them your number. Give them an offer code and tell them that it can be redeemed when they visit your store. Even better, tell them to visit you on a specific date to create a sense of urgency. 
Now you have some ideas about how to make your advertising interesting take the next step and talk to us about advertising in Pulse magazine. 
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