An AI image of a complex model, just like your business it can be difficult to understand.
Some businesses are certainly more complex than others. They might involve difficult ideas and complicated processes. 
As an expert you might find it hard to explain what you do in ways your customers will understand. Print is a very good medium for explaining things clearly. 
You can use design, typography, illustrations and diagrams to show people how you can help. Compared with digital content, people are more likely to spend some time considering and understanding your ideas. 

Know your audience 

You don’t need to explain to everyone, only those who can benefit from what you do. The first step is to understand what these people might already know about their problems and how to solve them. You can find out who and where your potential customers are and what training and experience they might already have. Then you can decide what and how much they need to know. If you’re a business coach, for example, you’d explain differently to meet the needs of an electrician or a chef. 

Keep things simple 

You are the expert, so your customers don’t need to become experts too. They just need to understand why your knowledge and experience will make a difference to them. The easiest way to do this is to give examples of problems you solve. Then it’s easy to turn the solution into a benefit for them. 
If you’re a health and safety expert, for example, you could explain why regular professional fire risk assessments can help reduce insurance premiums. Your customers will save time and money and have peace of mind because their premises meet current requirements. 

Share case studies 

very clearly identify their problem, how you solved it and the difference you have made. If you provide product design or business finance services you might find it difficult to describe all the things you do. Specific examples can showcase your skills and encourage people to get in touch. 

Be relevant 

You can help people understand what you do by making it interesting for them. The best way to catch someone’s attention is with an interesting fact. Once someone is curious they are more likely to want to know more. They will spend more time absorbing information and will remember what they learn
You can also talk about the common problems you know your customers experience. Explain how you provide the solution and what difference it can make. Even if people don’t fully understand how you do it they will want to know more. 

Use examples 

When you provide exciting or strange examples that explain what you do it gives people some context. For example, if you provide search engine optimisation services you might say it’s like choosing the right clothes to get you noticed. If you’re a superhero you might need a cape and a mask. If you’re a spy you might need evening wear and a Walther PPK gun. 

Simplify information 

Many cases complex businesses involve detailed information. We all learn in different ways, so adding diagrams, pictures and graphs to your words will help. Information in different formats will appeal to people’s preferred learning styles
Finally, you can consistently combine your digital and print marketing to make the most of all your efforts. 
Speak with our friendly team – we’ll be happy to help you explain your complex business. 
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