magazine advertising and ecommerce are the perfect partnership
Many businesses have discovered the effectiveness of ecommerce during the last few years. However, that doesn’t mean all marketing roads lead to digital platforms. Your customers still like reading and browsing printed content and it can provide an ideal introduction to your online shop. 
Complementing your ecommerce store with ‘real world’ content can increase sales and generate an excellent return on your investment. Here are just some of the ways print marketing can help your ecommerce business succeed. 


Physical stores often rely on passing customers who ‘pop in’ to make a purchase. They often use print advertising to promote seasonal offers, promotions and events. You can do the same for your ecommerce store. It’s a great way to introduce customers who prefer in-person shopping to your online experience. Done well, it’s the equivalent of an eye-catching window display in your brick and mortar store. 


When you consistently display your brand in print you will start to build awareness. If your online business is new, it will show you’re legitimate and credible. It will help to build trust with your audience. 


There’s no doubt millennials and Gen Z customers are attracted to social media content. However, they’re just as interested as anyone else in the people behind your business. Print advertising gives you access to their non-digital attention, especially if you include photographs of yourself, employees, and your customers. 


Most customers want personalised experiences, regardless of how they make their purchases. You have probably dedicated a lot of time and effort to create colourful, clickable experiences for your customers online. You might also be tracking which pages, buttons and calls to action work best. 
Although you can reach customers anywhere in the world online but your local connections are important too. You can create a local presence with location-specific website pages and keywords and your Google Business profile. You can also build your reputation with local print publications and benefit from their trusted status with your customers. Once they know you are a local business, they will have confidence to visit your online store. 


Clever retailers ask for your contact details when you make a purchase in their store. Then they can send you tailored content such as leaflets and catalogues through your letterbox. 
You can ask customers to subscribe online too. Big brands like Burger King, Heinz and Spotify use print advertising to reach people when they aren’t in a digital mindset. If your products or services are targeted at homeowners or home workers, print is an ideal way to reach them. Many customers keep their printed marketing material for later. That doesn’t happen with digital content. 

Cross-channel experiences 

Have you heard of omnichannel marketing? It involves sharing different types of content across various media. It’s popular because it increases the likelihood of reaching your audiences at times when they’re ready to buy. Your customers will search for products in several places before making their decision. Ideally you will want them to find you each time they look. 
A printed marketing campaign with a strong and engaging call to action can encourage people to visit your social media channels or website. The key to success is to maintain consistent branding and messages wherever your customers see your content. 
Talk to one of our helpful team members today to find out how print marketing can help build your ecommerce business. 
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